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What We Do

At Street Assist Edinburgh we aim to reduce vulnerability within the night time economy, making sure the people we assist receive immediate support and return home free from further harm.

How we help


We provide welfare and first aid

We provide welfare and first aid during the night time economy hours (22:00-04:00) on Friday and Saturday across the Edinburgh City Centre.


We work in partnership

We work in Partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council Community Safety Partnership, Police Scotland, NHS Lothian, and many others.


We respond to calls for assistance

We take referrals from Police, Ambulance, CCTV, Taxi Services, Lothian Buses, Pub/Club Door Stewards, and members of the public.

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We reduce the pressure on our emergency services

We help reduce the number of people presenting at A&E unnecessarily and save valuable time and resources attributed to Police Scotland


We provide support

We provide support to people who have presented to us during their moment of crisis, mostly people who have over consumed (drink & drugs), suffering from mental health issues, victims of assault.


We provide training and experience

All our volunteers undertake training modules and through volunteering gain first hand experience of dealing with the public. 

Since January 2017 we have assisted over 6000 people many of whom would have ended up in A&E had we not been operational. This equates to a £5.12million saving in terms of costs, resources and staffing for Police, Ambulance and NHS staff who are then able to deal with real public safety issues and medical emergencies.

How we’ve helped keep Edinburgh’s Night Time Economy safer in 2023

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We assisted 1,025 people to get home safely by providing, welfare, first aid or organising a safe route home.

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Our volunteers dedicated 14,223 hours to the project.

Training Hours.png


Our volunteers undertook 1,607 hours of training.

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Our supporters and fundraisers raised an incredible £18,584 through their efforts.

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