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Our Partnership with Central Taxis

In May 2023, we launched our partnership with Central Taxis  who have provided us with advertising, a fund and supportus with identifying those who have become vulnerable. This unique partnership is one of the first of it's  kind in Scotland and supports us in our mission to ensure the Edinburgh night time economy remains a safe environment for all and ensures the safety of women across the city centre.


17 Taxis operated by Central Taxis  have Street Assist Edinburgh information on their tip seats to highlight our work and how to make contact if you become vulnerable on a night out.

At Street Assist Edinburgh we aim to make sure that everyone we interact with finds a safe route home. Approximately 25% of those helped by Street Assist Edinburgh are lone females, often found in very vulnerable situations with no means of getting home safely. We usually contact family or friends to collect individuals found alone but this can be challenging given our hours of operation.

Alongside the advertising campaign, a new £1000 discretionary fund will be made available to Street Assist Edinburgh to access when vulnerable lone females require a safe route home or to a place of safety. This unique fund will further ensure peoples safety during the night-time economy hours.

Watch the launch


Next time you're in a Central Taxi, make sure to check the adverts on the seats.


Our posters are in 17 taxis across Edinburgh and we want to see them! So as part of our launch we started the hashtag #postourposter.


All you have to do is take a picture, share it on your social media, tag us and use the hashtag #postourposter.

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